Autumn Newsletter 2017

Acupuncture is an amazing medicine. It can do so much. Preventative treatment aimed at keeping us well, as we feel ourselves getting sniffly or run down, is one of the great strengths of Chinese Medicine.

At this time of year as we progress from Autumn into Winter, we must take care to keep our immune system functioning well. In ancient times as the light and warmth reduced, our activity slowed and we rested more. Nowadays very few of us rest enough so it is easy to deplete our reserves at this time of year.

Just coming into clinic and having a treatment, being still and reconnecting to our inner world can be enough to stay well and live well.

So remember, recharging is not only restricted to phones. Come and have some acupuncture, it may be just what you need.

Summer Newsletter 2017


We hope you are enjoying the warmth of the sun and the longer days as the summer season arrives.

Here in Brighton & Hove we know summer is here when the Brighton Festival comes to town. Excitement and joy are two essential qualities of the fire element and our home town certainly has that to offer. Make sure you have fun this summer.

So onto news of the changes in clinic. Many of you will know Hye-eun is going on maternity leave at the end of June. We will surely miss her and wish her all the luck in the world with the baby. Hye-eun, along with Soreh are founding members of the drop-in team, having started the clinic 10 years ago now. How time flies!

So while she is away Katy will be leaving Saturdays and taking over Hye-eun’s Tuesday morning shift with Soreh. Charlie will  cover the Saturday shift with Jeremy as well as doing her normal Thursday with Rufus. Tuesday afternoon will continue as normal.

We are extremely proud to offer high quality affordable healthcare to all.

Also we have updated our payment information sheet to clarify the details of the sliding scale, so please have a read next time you are in clinic. The scale still remains at £15-35 but we’ve added the following information:

The lower end of the scale is really intended to support those patients who are in receipt of benefits or who are on the minimum wage. If everyone paid £15 we would not be able to afford to run the clinic.

Changes below take place in the first week of July.

Tuesdays AM
Katy & Soreh
Arrive by 1.30pm

Tuesday PM
Rufus & Jeremy
Arrive by 5.15pm

Charlie & Rufus
Arrive by 5pm

Jeremy & Charlie
Arrive by 4.30pm

Christmas Newsletter 2016

Dear all,

Its that time of year again. Where has it all gone? 2016 was quite a year, Brexit, Trump; that cheeky Fire monkey energy created quite a lot of Chaos!
Now we can all busy ourselves with the routine of Christmas  and other end of year celebrations and have a well earned rest at the end of the year.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our patients, we appreciate your support and we hope that we helped you to achieve your health goals this year.

Our last day in Clinic will be Tuesday 20th of December.

Our first day back will be Thursday 5th January 2017

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

from Hove Community Acupuncture

Summer Newsletter 2016

Summer News and Views from HCA

So the summer is in full swing, and the theme this year appears to be change and uncertainty. From the weather, to Brexit, to politics to world events, there seems to be no stability. The year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology continues to be quite a ride!

But through all of this there is always Hove Community Acupuncture to provide mental and physical solace to our overwhelmed minds. Life will always throw us curve balls but acupuncture is incredibly effective in calming the spirit and treating emotional disharmony. By bringing us back into balance we can more effectively deal with the challenges that face us.

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to Simon at the Tree of Life for helping us buy 6 lovely brand new super comfy couches and Balance Healthcare for giving us such a fab deal. We are constantly reminded that everything we do is often only made possible by the kindness of others.

We hope you enjoy being treated on them!

Clinic is open ALL summer and we will be open as normal all through August.

Opening Times

Tuesday Morning 11.15-2.30pm
(Arrive by 1.30pm)
Hye-Eun & Soreh

Tuesday Afternoon 2.30-6.15pm
(Arrive by 5.15pm)
Rufus & Jeremy

Thursday 2-6pm
(Arrive by 5pm)
Charlie & Rufus

Saturday 1.30-5.30pm
(Arrive by 4.30pm)
Katy & Jeremy

Introducing our lovely new receptionist Claire Vits who will be helping us out on Saturdays. Claire is a qualified Acupuncturist with over 7 years experience and is helping us out whilst on maternity leave. Welcome Aboard!

Spring Newsletter – Acupuncture Awareness Week and Sports Injury

We hope this newsletter finds you in fine form. Spring is under way, the marathon is just a few weeks off and in Brighton & Hove there seems to be an awful lot of running going on!
This happily coincides with Acupuncture Awareness Week, which is being marked from the 7th – 12th March, and this year is highlighting traditional acupuncture for musculo-skeletal conditions.This is something we know a lot about at Hove Community Acupuncture; probably half the people we see in clinic are suffering with pain, a lot of which has been caused by injury.

The most common things we treat are back and neck pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and frozen shoulders and not forgetting carpal tunnel and achilles problems.

Acupuncture has a very powerful effect on repairing injuries – by simply focusing the bodies own healing ability on that area. This can ensure an area heals fully and quickly.

This is essential if you are an athlete or training for an event like the Brighton marathon. Running creates its own specific problems such as pulled muscles or damaged ligaments and tendons. Shin splints is also another common condition, along with calf or hamstring tightness.

Acupuncture can be used to treat problems that arise before a big event and afterwards to help recover.

If you have an injury, or are in training for the marathon, drop in to clinic for a treatment!

Our very own Rufus from Tuesday and Thursday clinic is running the Brighton Marathon for Save the Children. We are very proud of him.
If you wish to donate you can do so here

Christmas newsletter 2015


Welcome to our Christmas newsletter!

We have had an amazing year at Hove Community Acupuncture and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to treat so many of you in clinic this year.

Our last day in clinic before Christmas will be Tuesday 22nd December. Please note clinic will only run in the morning, so last patients please arrive by 2pm.

Our first day back in the New Year will be Tuesday 5th January, where normal opening times will resume.

Don’t forget you can also follow us on facebook or twitter for more fun and info.

So thank you for choosing us, and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016!

The Hove Community Acupuncture Team

Autumn 2015 Newsletter



Hello and welcome to our Autumn newsletter

So Halloween is upon us and Autumn seems to have started in earnest. Now is a great time to have some acupuncture and help our body and mind adjust to the change in season. Boosting our immune system at this time of year helps us cope with all the coughs and colds that emerge with the Autumnal weather.

But fear not! Here at Hove Community Acupuncture we have even more good news. Charlie Whitestone will be rejoining the team on Thursdays!


Some of you may recall that Charlie worked for many years on Saturdays and since having two children has been doing locum work for us when she can. Now she is rejoining the team permanently and working with Rufus on Thursdays. Katy is reducing her hours to just working Saturdays.

Charlie brings many years of clinical experience and wisdom to the clinic as well as founding ACMAC (the Association of Community and Multi Bed Clinics

She has been fundamental to growing and supporting clinics like ours all over the country, helping both practitioners set up clinics, and patients access affordable acupuncture. She has been a visionary in this area and changed the way acupuncture is practised in this country. We are very proud and lucky that she has been able to rejoin us here in Hove.

Welcome Home Charlie!

With Charlie returning to us Thursday opening hours will also be changing slightly.

From the 1st of November clinic will be opening at 2pm and closing at 6pm.

(Please arrive by 5pm at the latest.)

Finally, here at HCA we love a good bowl of soup. At this time of year warm nourishing food should comprise a large part of our diet, and this soup fits the bill perfectly.

This recipe comes from Nathalie Sansonetti, nutrition and food allergy and intolerance therapist at the Tree of Life (New leaf Nutrition.)

soupDetoxing and warming potassium broth

This is a simple, yet great, very detoxing soup that’s very high in essential potassium which helps generate energy, particularly in the brain and also is vital to help your heart create a “heartbeat”. It’s an essential part of any detox program and I recommend having it at night for dinner as part of a lighter evening meal to help your digestion through the night. Also fantastic when you’ve overindulged and you just want to ‘recharge’ with a simple meal. You can vary slightly the ingredients if you have some vegetables that need eating. Eat chopped or blended as you wish, hot or cold as well.

4 carrots, washed with skin
2 sweet potatoes with skins
1 onion, quartered
3 stalks celery
1/2 bunch parsley
1/2 head red cabbage
1/2 bunch broccoli
1-2 cloves garlic (add more to your preference)
1 tbsp liquid aminos per bowl per person

Add filtered water to cover the vegetables, bring to a boil and then simmer with lid on for 30 minutes. The vegetables should be firm, but not mushy.

Remove from heat and serve hot with liquid aminos to taste (approx 1 tbsp) per bowl.

Keeps in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze for later.


Charlotte Whitestone

Charlie works at the clinic on Thursdays.

She studied at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading and graduated in 2006 with a BSc in Acupuncture.  Charlie doesn’t like to specialise as she very deliberately likes to be a general practitioner.

Charlie loves working at Hove Community Acupuncture.  She says: “We have such a great team working in clinic; something magical just seems to happen in our room. Having been away for a couple of years I can hand on heart say I am delighted to be back”.

Before becoming an acupuncturist she studied loads of tai chi, qi gong and nei gong and also fine art.
Charlie is a devoted mother of her two boys, and when she’s not working she loves gardening and growing vegetables.  And not much makes her happier than walking in the woods.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Hello and Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.

Summer represents the Fire element in Chinese medicine, and is the time of socialising, being active and having fun.  Joy is also the emotion of the heart, which governs our Fire element. So when we have more fun our spirit feels alive.

We are part of nature. Intrinsic in Chinese medicine is this idea of balance, of living in accordance with the seasons, so good health and conditions can prevail. We need to do Fire-type activities in the fire time.

Sometimes we can feel out of line with the seasons and not firing on all cylinders. Or perhaps if we do too much our energy reserves are left depleted. Either way, coming for acupuncture at this time can help you reconnect with your spirit and make the most of the summer,- whatever the weather!

Changes to Tuesdays and Thursdays

There are a couple of small changes happening with staff and closing times.

On Tuesdays Jeremy will be working in the afternoon with Rufus from 2.15pm to 6.15pm.

Hye-eun will still be available in the morning with Soreh from 11.15am to 2.15pm.

This will come into effect from 1st of July 2015.

On Thursdays the closing time has changed slightly.

Clinic will still open at 1pm but now closes at 5.30pm so please arrive for treatment by 4.30pm.

This will commence from 1st of August.

Still the same great team and still the same affordable sliding scale of £15-35.

It’s been nice to see so many new patients joining and returning over the last few months. We hope you have enjoyed your experience with us and hope you’ll tell your friends.  Please leave a comment on our ‘what our patients say’ page to share your experiences.

Spring 2015 newsletter


Finally – the sunshine is here!

Obviously we don’t know how long it’ll last….

but doesn’t it feel good to be enjoying some warmth on your back, some sunshine at the breakfast table and it still being light when you come home in the evening?

Since we made a few changes back in January we’ve noticed a wonderful increase in the numbers of new patients dropping in for treatment.  We feel really pleased to know that the clinic is thriving.

Spring is such a dynamic time of change – the new growth of blossom and tender shoots break through with such incredible life force.  But that change can feel overwhelming for some of us and we need a little help to rebalance our energy.

Or maybe you’ve been out in the garden – hoeing, weeding, lifting, planting – and you’re feeling a bit achy in your knees and back.

Whatever’s going on for you right now we’re here to help should you need us.  With three clinics a week, a team of dedicated practitioners and a sliding scale of £15-£35 we hope that whatever your circumstances you’ll find us affordable and accessible.

We need your help

We want to get the word out there about the great service we’re offering.

And we thought what better way to spread to the word than to galvanise our loyal supporters and ask if you’d be willing to print off a Hove Community Acupuncture Clinic poster and put it up in your area – gyms, community centres, shops, cafes – anywhere you think people might like to know about us.

Click on this link and get printing!

HOVE LCA poster_amended

And when you’ve done it, why not drop us a line via our Contact Us page or on twitter (@AcuHove) to let us know.

You’re always welcome to give us feedback and we’d love to be able to share some of the lovely things you’ve said about the clinic.  Check out our what our patients say page to see what people have said already.

And in the meantime enjoy this wonderful weather whilst it lasts and we look forward to hearing from you soon.