about the clinic

Our origins

The clinic was the first of it’s kind in the UK – without an appointment you could walk in off the street and receive the highest quality acupuncture treatment in a beautiful studio space, at a reduced rate.

Since the pandemic hit we have had to switch to online bookings only so the drop in clinic is no longer availble at this time.

Everyone who works at the clinic is proud to think of the hundreds of people we have helped back to good health over the years.

What is a multi-bed clinic

Acupuncture in the UK is usually practised on a one-to-one basis and costs anything from £35 up to £200, depending on where and who you see. Whilst some people can afford this, the majority would struggle to pay for regular treatment at this cost and for some, it places it totally out of their reach.

We at Hove Community Acupuncture believe that treatment should be available to everyone so we run three drop-in clinics  week at the Tree of Life Centre in Hove, providing low-cost treatment in a multi-bed setting.

A multi-bed, or community clinic enables practitioners to treat a number of patients at the same time, thereby reducing the cost to the patient.

It is possible for acupuncturists to offer this type of service because acupuncture needles usually take 20-45 minutes to do their work, so the practitioner can place needles in one patient, leave them to relax into their treatment, and then move on to another patient.

In our clinic we have 3-4 couches set up in a light, airy and peaceful studio space. We play soothing music and speak quietly to maintain privacy.

We are currently a team of four, and due to the current restrictions only one of us is working during each session.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to run a drop-in service, which means all appointments must be booked in advance.

You pay what you can afford

We operate a sliding scale of £20-£35 per treatment, and ask that you pay as much as you can on that scale.

What are the benefits

As well as the reduced cost, an extra benefit of multi-bed clinics is the community spirit that emerges when several people are treated together. Patients consistently report that they like the sense of togetherness and humanity they find there.

The vast majority of patients feel very comfortable receiving acupuncture in this setting. But if it doesn’t feel right when you try it, or your practitioner thinks you might benefit from one-to-one treatment, we are more than happy to discuss it further.

Is it suitable for everyone?

We treat a wide range of people and aim to be as inclusive as we possibly can.

We are on the ground floor with wheelchair access to the studio.

We treat everyone in one room so if you need a more private space please contact us for a one-to-one session.

We are happy to treat young people over the age of 16.  If you are looking for treatment of a child between the ages of 7 and 16 please book your appointment with Claire Diola on a Tuesday afternoon she is fully qualified paediatric practitioner.  If you are looking for treatment for your baby or child under 7 please contact us to arrange a one-to-one session.

We are happy for you to bring older children into clinic whilst you are receiving treatment as long as they are able to sit quietly but for the benefit of the other clients we’d ask that you don’t bring babies or small children in.

If you want to know more

Please don’t hesitate to contact us