“Hello Marvellous team! Just wanted to thank you all for the treatment community and warmth that you provide to everyone who crosses your threshold, I have really benefited from attending and getting to know you all better and I’m very grateful for the treatments I have received as well as the inspiration in my own growth”. ID

“I love this place – very peaceful and caring but on a more serious note, got rid of this fatigue in my legs and this exhaustion in my body. I feel much calmer and sleep much better. More energy as well. I ran from Hove station this morning, which I could never have conceived a few weeks ago. Thank you.” MH

“Jeremy is a brilliant acupuncturist!” KG

“I have known Soreh for almost 7 years as she has practiced near to where I live. I have always rated her treatments but her recent work on my sciatica and back pain was astounding. I hobbled in, having ‘put my back out’ lifting something heavy. I was half bent over as it was more comfortable when standing and almost unable to lift my left leg onto the table without using my hands. Every movement was agony.  An hour later, I got off the bed easily with no pain whatsoever!  I was amazed.  Three weeks on and it’s as if I never had the problem.  I could not rate this highly enough; bless her!” KC

“Coming to the drop-in acupuncture clinic during my pregnancy has been a wonderful experience. Each session makes me feel that I am doing something positive and supportive for me and my baby, and when needed, the individual treatments have been tailored to help with different symptoms that have come up during my pregnancy. The biggest surprise was using moxa alongside traditional needle acupuncture when the baby was taking her time getting into a head-down position late into my pregnancy. In between my midwife appointment and hospital scan, I had a moxa treatment at the clinic (a chubby stick that is heated and held close to specific acupuncture points to stimulate them) and afterwards the acupuncturist gave me some moxa sticks and instructions to repeat the process at home. My husband continued the moxa twice a day and I was amazed how much the baby moved around each time we used it! On the day of the scan, we were over the moon to discover that it had worked for us – the baby was in the right position and any discussion of possible intervention was halted. The atmosphere at the clinic is comfortable and welcoming too. I always feel at ease being treated alongside other patients because everyone is so warm and friendly there”.  anon

“It was good to have relief from back and knee pain in a caring, relaxed, atmosphere”. KS

“The acupuncture drop-in service is highly professional, not expensive, invariably friendly and soothing, and I would recommend it to anyone. Go under the needles today – and get a ‘pincushion’ gift voucher for Grandma – she’ll love it too!” PR

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