Summer Newsletter 2018

Hove Community Acupuncture clinic gardenThank you!

For being part of our community and staying in touch in this post GDPR world. We appreciate your interest in what we do and are glad you’re here.

So what an amazing summer we are having, and we hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. For some people though the summer can bring with it its own particular issues. The hay fever this year is really bad – apparently the worst for twenty years! Acupuncture can really help alleviate the itchy eyes, running nose and sneezing that make this condition such a pain for those that suffer.

Why not forward this on to a friend that is having a bad year with hay fever?

Whatever happens this summer, there is always acupuncture in our beautiful space on Portland Road to create stillness and inner calm. Our lives are shaped by our inner experience. If we feel better, think better and move better we can play a fuller role in our lives, achieving our destiny both individually and collectively.

And that can only be a good thing.

Whilst you are here please like our Facebook page, and have a look at our new look website. You could even leave us some feedback if you really liked what we do.

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