Summer Newsletter 2016

Summer News and Views from HCA

So the summer is in full swing, and the theme this year appears to be change and uncertainty. From the weather, to Brexit, to politics to world events, there seems to be no stability. The year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology continues to be quite a ride!

But through all of this there is always Hove Community Acupuncture to provide mental and physical solace to our overwhelmed minds. Life will always throw us curve balls but acupuncture is incredibly effective in calming the spirit and treating emotional disharmony. By bringing us back into balance we can more effectively deal with the challenges that face us.

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to Simon at the Tree of Life for helping us buy 6 lovely brand new super comfy couches and Balance Healthcare for giving us such a fab deal. We are constantly reminded that everything we do is often only made possible by the kindness of others.

We hope you enjoy being treated on them!

Clinic is open ALL summer and we will be open as normal all through August.

Opening Times

Tuesday Morning 11.15-2.30pm
(Arrive by 1.30pm)
Hye-Eun & Soreh

Tuesday Afternoon 2.30-6.15pm
(Arrive by 5.15pm)
Rufus & Jeremy

Thursday 2-6pm
(Arrive by 5pm)
Charlie & Rufus

Saturday 1.30-5.30pm
(Arrive by 4.30pm)
Katy & Jeremy

Introducing our lovely new receptionist Claire Vits who will be helping us out on Saturdays. Claire is a qualified Acupuncturist with over 7 years experience and is helping us out whilst on maternity leave. Welcome Aboard!

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