Spring Newsletter 2016

We hope this newsletter finds you in fine form. Spring is under way, the marathon is just a few weeks off and in Brighton & Hove there seems to be an awful lot of running going on!

This happily coincides with Acupuncture Awareness Week, which is being marked from the 7th – 12th March, and this year is highlighting traditional acupuncture for musculo-skeletal conditions. This is something we know a lot about at Hove Community Acupuncture; probably half the people we see in clinic are suffering with pain, a lot of which has been caused by injury.

The most common things we treat are back and neck pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and frozen shoulders and not forgetting carpal tunnel and achilles problems.

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Autumn newsletter 2015


Hello and welcome to our Autumn newsletter

So Halloween is upon us and Autumn seems to have started in earnest. Now is a great time to have some acupuncture and help our body and mind adjust to the change in season. Boosting our immune system at this time of year helps us cope with all the coughs and colds that emerge with the Autumnal weather.

But fear not! Here at Hove Community Acupuncture we have even more good news. Charlie Whitestone will be rejoining the team on Thursdays!

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Summer newsletter 2015

Hello and Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.

Summer represents the Fire element in Chinese medicine, and is the time of socialising, being active and having fun.  Joy is also the emotion of the heart, which governs our Fire element. So when we have more fun our spirit feels alive.

We are part of nature. Intrinsic in Chinese medicine is this idea of balance, of living in accordance with the seasons, so good health and conditions can prevail. We need to do Fire-type activities in the fire time.

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