Soreh levy

Soreh works at the clinic on Tuesday mornings.

Soreh trained at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine over 14 years ago.

Whilst she treats all areas of health, she specialises in treating women’s health issues ranging from menstrual disorders, fertility issues through to the menopause. She uses her knowledge of obstetric and gynaecological acupuncture to treat couples trying to conceive, and women throughout their pregnancy journey, in labour and post-birth.

She has attended post-graduate training courses in obstetrics and fertility led by internationally respected acupuncturists and western medical practitioners, and she continues to update her knowledge and skills in these areas. She runs workshops for midwives, doulas and parents-to-be, teaching acupressure points for pain relief in childbirth. She is also am a founding member of The Acupuncture Childbirth Team, Brighton & Sussex.